The benefits of owning an Ecotron eBike

A few reasons why e-bikes are really the best mode of transportation for our current & post pandemic way of life and why this is a very good time to get one for yourself. You could rumble out your old bike for a ride, and you should, but why not go electric?

E-bikes, with their varying levels of assistance, are the perfect way to get outside, feel the breeze, catch some vitamin D, and still get that shot of endorphins without expending too much effort – – – which let’s face it most of us don’t really have.

E-bikes also lets you ride farther to escape large towns, cities and ‘crowds’ Most e-bikes will travel at least 25 miles (40 kilometers), with 50-plus miles (80-plus kilometers) possible when fitted with bigger batteries OR when dialing back the assisted power level. And if the battery does die, you can simply pop in a SPARE or pedal home for some extra lung busting thigh pumping exercise

Ride. Train. Live

They follow. You lead.


Ride. Train. Live

See the ePower Pro X8M Plus

They follow. You lead.

See the eTough Power Tech X9

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